AgileRoadMapp Basics

We believe that successful teams are adept at effective and efficient communications as well as being agile in their use of processes or tools to support their team's work and goals. So you can adopt AgileRodMapp at your own pace and use it alongside any of the other tools that you use to support your product development process.

Key Concepts

  • EVENTS: Any activity that you want to publish to your roadmap timeline is an event. With AgileRoadMapp you typically create events manually. This way as a product manager it's very easy for you to update all of your stakeholders as to the latest information on upcoming releases.

  • PRODUCT ROADMAP TIMELINE VIEW: The product roadmap timeline view is where you will see all of the roadmap events for a product displayed on a graphical timeline.

  • YouTube Vidoes: Associate marketing videos from YouTube to your products in AgileMapp. These videos are visible on the product roadmap.

  • DOCUMENTS: Associate documents stored in Google Drive and Dropbox with your products in AgileRoadMapp.

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