Competitive Dashboards Basics

Competitive dashboards in AgileRoadMapp enables product managers to easily create, maintain, and share a competitive landscape and feature comparison matrix for a product or service. The competitive dashboard is divided into two sections, the Competitive Landscape and the Competitive Matrix. By creating your competitive landscape and matrix in AgileRoadMapp, product managers can more easily ensure that sales teams and executives have the latest competitive analysis at their disposal.

Competitive Dashboard

Create a competitor

In order to create your first competitive dashboard, you need to first create a list of competitors:

  • Click on Competition, Competitor List to add a new competitor.
  • Click on Add New Competitor.

Competitive Dashboard

In the Edit Competitor dialog box, enter the following:

  • Competitor Name
  • Competitor website url(optional)
  • logo upload is optional.

Select the products in your portfolio that you would like to associate that competitor to.

AgileRoadMapp Pointer: A competitor can be linked to multiple competitive dashboards.