Competitive Matrix Section

The competitive matrix section allows you to create features categories, and features. Feature categories allow you to divide and organize the features or capabilities that you want to highlight in your competitive matrix.

Feature Category

Create a Feature Category or Feature

  • Click on Feature List and select Add Feature Category or Add Feature.
  • Enter the Category or Feature label.
  • Click on the save icon.

Ranking Features

  • To rank a feature for each competitor in the matrix, click on the cell (default value = Not Available.
  • Select the rating from the Rate this Competitors Feature menu. Choices are Excellent, Ok, Poor, Not available.

Changing the default colors for rating features

  • Click on the legend icon on the bottom of the screen.
  • In the Feature Rating Color Scheme dialog, click on the color icon and select the color choice for that rating category.
  • Click on Save.