Attaching Dropbox Files

The product details and events detail panel is where you are able to attach files stored in Dropbox to a product in AgileRoadMapp.

Product Details Panel

To attach a file from Dropbox:

  • Select the paperclip icon.
  • Select Choose File from Dropbox and a new window will be displayed that allows you to log in to your Dropbox account if you are not currently logged in.

If it's the first time that you are attaching a Dropbox file, then you will be prompted to connect your Dropbox account to AgileRoadMapp. This only allows AgileMapp and Dropbox to communicate so that your Dropbox files are accessible from within AgileMapp.


  • AgileRoadMapp's integration with Dropbox relies on Dropbox's security and file permissions, so you may need to also enable sharing of the file in Dropbox.

  • Removing someone from a product that you own in AgileMapp does not revoke any of their Dropbox permissions if you have shared documents with them in Dropbox.

  • AgileRoadMapp does not store a copy of the document. Your documents continue to be stored in your cloud storage platform, but easily accessible while you are working in AgileRoadMapp or using AgileRoadMapp to review a product's roadmap with team members or customers.