JIRA Integration

AgileRoadMapp's one-way (JIRA to AgileRoadMapp) integration allows you to publish project release information from JIRA to a corresponding product in AgileRoadMapp.

The release data that can be imported to AgileRoadMapp for display on the product roadmap timeline include:

  • Release name
  • Release date
  • Release descirption

Step #1: Setting up the JIRA integration in AgileRoadMapp

In order to create a JIRA integration, you need to be a product manager in AgileRoadMapp. In JIRA you will need admin access.

To create your JIRA integration:

  • In the left navigation menu, under Integrations, click on JIRA.
  • In the JIRA integrations page, click on New JIRA Integration.

Blank JIRA Integration

The New JIRA integration form is displayed. Blank JIRA Integration

  • Enter the JIRA server url. This should be the domain of your JIRA application. For instances of Jira hosted by Atlassian, the url naming convention is https://companyname.atlassian.net
  • Enter your Jira username and password.
  • Click on Test Connection. If the connection is valid, then you will be able to select a JIRA project to link to for this connection
  • Select the AgileRoadMapp product to integrate with.
  • Click on Create to complete the integration setup.

Step #2: Choose JIRA releases to import to your product in AgileRoadMapp

Once the integration has been created, the integration detail page for the integration is displayed. On that page you can review the fields that are mappped to AgileRoadMapp. You can't make any changes to the default mappings.

You can also choose which releases to import into AgileRoadMapp

  • Select the releases to import.
  • Click on Save to Events.
  • The JIRA releases are now imported into AgileRoadMapp. They will be displayed on the product events detail page as well as in the roadmap timeline view.