Understanding Organizations

An organization is the top level hierarchy in AgileRoadMapp and combines all the individuals and products in your organization into a single centrally managed unit. The organization is useful for providing that bird eye's view for executives as to the status of the product portfolio across the entire company.

Organization Hierarchy

Creating Organizations

Organizations can be created using the following methods:

  1. You sign up for the Team plan using your organization's email address. At the end of the sign up process you will have access to AgileRoadMapp and your organization will be created.
  2. You contact us directly and we create the Organization in AgileRoadMapp on your behalf.

Joining an Organization

Once an organization has been created in AgileRoadMapp, then there are two methods by which a user can join.

  1. The organization administrator creates a user account with that user's email address either manually or by the data import method.
  2. A product manager that already has an account in AgileRoadMapp for your organization invites the user via their organization email to join a Team.
  3. Sign up for Asana with your organization's email address. You will then automatically join the Organization.

Note - a user must have an email address that belongs to the email domain of your organization. So if your organization email domain is "@mycompany.com" then a user's email address must be "user@mycompany.com".

Users and roles in an organization

Membership to your AgileRoadMapp organization is based on your organization's email domain. Users can be added by your company's AgileRoadMapp administrators or by email invitation.

The user types and permissions are:


  • Create, remove, and deactivate users.
  • Create, edit or remove teams.
  • Create, edit or delete portfolios.

Product Managers

  • Create products.
  • Delete products.
  • Create edit or remove teams.
  • Invite other employees to be members of their team.

Organization Users

  • Access the application with basic permissions.
  • View products for the Teams that they belong to.