Portfolio Dashboard Basics

In AgileRoadMapp portfolio dashboards provide executives an aggregrated view of the performance of an organization's products. The portfolio dashboard is the default view that users with the executive role will see when they login to AgileRoadMapp.

Note- users with the executive role will automatically see the metrics for all products in the organization.

Portfolio Dashboard

The portfolio dashboard will display the aggregate of the current month's metrics for all of your organization's products.

The available metrics are:

  • Total no. of Customers
  • No. of churned customers
  • No. of new customers
  • Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)
  • Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)
  • Customer Acquistion Cost(CAC)
  • Long Term Value
  • % MRR Churn
  • % MRR Expansion

Summary data on the bottom left of the dashboard shows you the % of products across your organizations that do not have metric data for the current month in AgileRoadMapp. In the current version of AgileRoadMapp, the product manager who owns a product is responsible for entering or importing their product's metric data.

Dashboard Filters

By default all products that currently have metric data are displayed in the Portfolio Dashboard. The following are the dashboards filters that are are available:

Filter Description
Filter by Portfolio Drill down into metrics for a specific portfolio
Filter by Product View metrics for a specific product in the portfolio