Portfolio Management Basics

AgileRoadMapp is Agile Product Management designed for teams or organizations of any size. Our software is meant to align with the way you run your business. We believe that the lifeblood of your business is your products, so its essential for you to know at a glance how those products are performing in the market, and what your product teams are planning to deliver next in support of your vision and strategy.

Key Concepts

  • A product portfolio is a collection of products that are grouped together for metrics and reporting purposes.
  • A product can only belong to one organizational level portfolio.
  • Product portfolios can be used to group products based on whatever categorization makes sense for an organization. Some typical categories included, business units, departments, divisions, locations. Some organizations may choose to create portfolios that map directly to the Team structure in AgileRoadMapp.

Create a Portfolio

Users with the portfolio management or product management role can create portfolios.

Portfolio Windows

  • Select Portfolios from the left navigation menu
  • Click Create New Portfolio button

Create Portfolio Form

In the New Portfolio dialog box you will see fields for:

1.Portfolio name - the name of the portfolio. example "SaaS Cybersecurity Products".

2.Select a Portfolio Manager - enter the name of the user who will manage this portfolio.

3.Portfolio Description

Complete the fields and click the Create button. The new portfolio will be created and is now visible in the Portfolio page.

Associate a product to a portfolio

1.Click on Portfolios in the left menu bar. The Portfolio Management screen will be displayed.

2.Click on the + icon next to the portfolio name.

Associate Product to Portfolio Form

3.The Add Products form is displayed.

4.Type in the name of the products to associate to this portfolio.

5.When done, click on Add Products. The products have now been associated to the portfolio.

To remove a product from a portfolio, click on the x icon next to the product name in the Add Products form.

Deleting a Portfolio

To delete a portfolio click on the delete icon next to the portfolio name in the Portfolio window.

Note - deleting a portfolio simply removes the portfolio for analytics and reporting. 

Removing the portfolio does not affect the products that are associated with the portfolio.