Create Product Events

In AgileRoadMapp we refer to an activity that you want to publish to your roadmap release timeline as an event. An event can be whatever milestone makes sense for your processes; whether that's a product release date or a related marketing event.

Product Events

To create a new event:

  • Click on the Event button to view a list of events that you have created for your product.
  • The Event Panel for that product will be displayed.
  • Select the Add Event buttion in the menu bar of the event panel.

Add Event

In the Add Event panel you will see fields for:

  • Event Title
  • Event Date
  • YouTube video link
  • Event Description

TIP: Example of a software product release roadmap entry:

Event Title: Release 2.0
Event Date: Jan 31 2017
Event Description: Release of new mobile application for iOS. 
Includes team secure messaging, integrated Google maps, team inbox, and a new user interface design