Product Roadmap Timeline

Use the Product Roadmap Timeline to review key dates for items on your product roadmap with your team members or customers. AgileRoadMapp includes both horizontal and vertical scroll timeline options.

Horizontal Scroll Roadmap Timeline

The Horizonal Scroll Product Roadmap View is divided into the following sections:

1.Date header - the current date header format is calendar months.

2.Graphical roadmap panel - this is the main roadmap timeline and will show all of the roadmap events that you published organized by calendar month. Multiple events in a month are denoted by the milestone counter in the month marker on the timeline. You can click anywhere in that panel and scroll the timeline to the left or the right.

3.Event Milestone Marker- this marker indicates the total number of roadmap events planned for that month. TIP - If there are no roadmap event entries for a calendar month, then there won't be a milestone marker on the timeline for that month.

4.Roadmap events - this displays the list of roadmap event entries for a specific date. Click on an event name to bring up the event details panel

5.Theme selector - to change the theme color of the timeline and milestone markers, select the Theme Options gear icon and choose one of the Roadmap Timeline Color options. This is depicted in the screenshots below.

6.YouTube video panel - this is the panel that displays any videos that are attached to your product.

The icons in the top navigation menu bar include the following:

left navigation icon Left navigation - navigate back to the My Portfolio view.

Roadmap Event Select Icon Roadmap event quick select - select a specific roadmap event and the roadmap timeline will auto-navigate to that date on the timeline.

New Roadmap Event Icon Add a new roadmap event button.

New Video Icon Add a new video button.

Sharing Icon Share roadmap timeline.