Product Roadmap Timeline Vertical Scroll

Using the Vertical Scroll + Media Release Timeline you can scroll vertically to a release date on the timeline and then view horizontally media content related to that release.

So let’s say for your product there is a release planned for September that coincides with an industry event of some type. You have some marketing videos ready to go and maybe some additional media content. These can be associated with the release date on the timeline so that with one glance you can see all of the relevant content related to that release; the product release details, the associated marketing content and so on.

Vertical Scroll Roadmap Timeline

The Vertical Scroll Roadmap Timeline View is divided into the following sections:

1.Date header - the current date header format is calendar months.

2.Vertical scroll panel - you can scroll vertically to display roadmap event entries.

3.Media pane - scroll horizontally on the media pane to view media (images, YouTube) videos associated with your product.

The icons on the top of the screen include the following:

left navigation icon Left navigation - navigate back to the My Portfolio view

Roadmap Event Select Icon Roadmap event quick select - select a specific roadmap event and the roadmap timeline will auto-navigate to that date on the timeline

New Roadmap Event Icon Add a new roadmap event button.

left navigation icon Add a new video button