Team Basics

Teams are a collection of individuals at your organization that collaborate on a product. In large organizations these individuals may not always belong to the same business unit.

In AgileRoadMapp, team creation and team membership are flexible. Teams can be created and membership managed by your AgileRoadMapp administrators. Teams can also be managed by product managers.

Note: If a user joins an Organization via email invitation, then that user is not added to any teams. The user must be invited to join a team by the team owner.

Some basic parameters on teams:

  • A user can belong to one or more team.
  • Teams can be created by your organization administrators.
  • You can choose to create team names and manage team membership that match your functional organizational chart relationships.
  • Teams can also be used to restrict which employees are able to view information for a specfic product as by default a user must be a team member to view products that belong to that team.
  • Teams can be created by users with the administrator or product manager role.

Teams can also not match your functional organizational structure. In fact, teams can be as dynamic as you need it to be. The main idea is that you use teams to share information with individuals who may be responsible for development of a product or who simply need information regarding that product.