Creating a Team

To create a team you must be a product manager, portfolio manager or administrator.

Team Management

  • Select Teams Management in the left sidebar.
  • In the Team Management window, click Create New Team.

Team Management

The new team form is displayed. The form includes:

  • Team Name (set the name of the team).
  • Team Members (enter the email addresses of users to invite to join this team).
  • Description (The team description is a place to provide an overview of the team).

Once you have filled out these fields, click on Create to create the team and send the email invites.

Note - if the invite list includes a user that does not have an account yet in AgileRoadMapp, 
then the user is presented with a password creation window before they can get access to AgileRoadMapp. 

Importing Teams

You can also create teams by importing them into AgileRoadMapp using a csv file.

To import teams:

  • Click on Import Teams via CSV.
  • In the Import Teams via CSV window click on Choose File.
  • Select the import file that you previously created with team names and membership data.
  • Click on Preview to preview the data import.
  • Click Import.

You receive a confirmation message at the top of the screen that the user was successfully imported. 

Note: if the import file includes users that are not already in your organization then those users are invited via email.

Joining a team

There are two main options for a user to join a team:

  1. Invitation: the team owner invites the user to join the team.
  2. By request: the user requests to be added to the team.

Note: by default users that are not created by the invite team import processs do not belong to any teams.

A user can select a team name in the left menu bar and click to request access to that team. The notification will be sent to the team owner who will grant access to the user.