About AgileMapp

We help product managers everywhere focus on what’s important developing great products that will delight their customers.

In 2009, the founder of AgileMapp Inc. had just wrapped up one more mind numbing two hour long meeting to review the visual product roadmaps created and managed in PowerPoint for a product portfolio. The experience was mind numbing as the discussions with very senior directors and managers in the room did not delve into the intricacies of the business and product strategy, but rather countless time was spent formatting shapes and text on a PowerPoint slide.

Out of this frustrating experience, AgileMapp Inc. was founded with one clear mission, to create simple, yet powerful software solutions that enables businesses to really optimize key often overlooked aspects of their product development, sales and marketing process.

Our vision for agile product management means that we want to enable product management, sales and marketing to become truly agile, not just the agile development process.

To that end we have launched the first of what we hope to be many product management software solutions to fulfill that vision, AgileMapp version 1.0